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Autumn Uniform

Happy Weekend!
Alex is in Nashville for the next few weeks, so it's just me and Benni at home right now. It's really quiet in the apartment, so I'm trying to keep busy to fill the time. I had a really great day off yesterday reading, sipping coffee, working on blog material (it's REALLY hard to take your own photos), working out and making an awesome dinner. Last night I watched Sleepy Hollow and drank a delightful red wine with my cat nestled up next to me. I'm currently at a new coffee shop in Lone Tree (Monk & Mongoose) waking up with a cortado.
You could say I'm pretty content. 

Now that it's fall, I will basically live in boots, leggings, dresses and blanket scarves for the next few months. Colorado is so beautiful right now, and the temps drop at night and warm up to a cool mid 70s during the day. You could say I'm definitely a fan.

Boots - Wolverine :: Leggings - Gap :: Dress - Free People :: Scarf - H&M

Arapahoe Basin opened this weekend!!! I'm SO excited for skiing this year! I've only ever been skiing in Michigan, so I have a feeling it will be a little more thrilling.
Have a great Saturday everyone!

Hanging Lake

I've been dying to go to Hanging Lake since moving out here and I FINALLY went! It was amazing, and photos will never do it justice. My friends were here from out of town (HI KAYLA) and it was a great excuse to drive down I-70 and check out this hike. It's not too long-a little over a mile. It does have about 1,000 of elevation gain though, so hiking boots and water are definitely recommended. The drive out to Hanging Lake from Denver is beautiful just on it's own!

This view was the last thing you saw until you got to Hanging Lake.
It was literally breathtaking.

I mean come on...how beautiful is this? A crystal clear lake plopped in the middle of a mountain. God, you sure do make beautiful things out of dust.

But wait-it's not over. Hike a little bit past the lake and you get a waterfall literally falling from the middle of the mountain. I felt like we were in The Goonies chasing treasure (favorite movie ever, fun fact about Katelyn). This life is pretty great, isn't it?

And then here's a majestic view for your way home. 

Now it's time for some tough love from Katelyn about happiness. This life is so amazing because we live in a country where you have the free will, free speech, and countless opportunities. You can choose to be happy. Do not let everyone else effect your happiness, it is YOURS and no one else's to take. If you're not happy about the way you look in the mirror, workout, take time to get ready, tell yourself you're the most beautiful thing on this planet. Want to move somewhere new? DO IT. Want to climb a mountain? Train hard and DO IT. It's amazing how your life will change once you realize you can change it to make yourself happier.
I'm currently reading "You are a Badass" and it's highly recommended!

Take time today to do something that will make you happy.
I'm going for a hike, because that makes me infinitely happy.

Show your glo

I'm so excited to finally share with you guys what I was working on with Glo Minerals!
This is the makeup line we used while I was working at The Oxford Club Spa & Salon, and we all loved it! When they reached out to me for a collab opportunity, I was SO excited to say the least. So my whole life I've had these bushy eye brows, and can I just say thank you Jesus for making that cool again so I don't have to worry about waxing them to death. They may be bushy, but I'm always looking for something to help fill them in since they're a little spacey. Glo Minerals came out with a new Micro Browliner which is so perfect and you don't have to worry about sharpening it and it's SUPER precise. 
Check out the behind the scenes photos:

It was SO helpful having an artist help me out and explain the different products she was using. All of their products are fantastic, but I especially love their Luxe Liquid Foundation & Volumizing Mascara. Ladies-if you are looking for that perfect mascara THIS IS IT. The brush is amaze-balls, and has Aloe Vera, White Tea and Vitamin E which you can smell when you apply it, so it's actually nourishing to your lashes as well. Here's what the final product looked like-

Shout-out to all the lovelies at Glo Minerals for making me feel fabulous and for falling more in love with your makeup line. You can check out a full fall makeup tutorial featuring me here on their website.
Have a great Saturday! I'm off to get my hair colored even more blonde :D

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