10 Camping Essentials for Beginners

We made it half way through the week!!!!
Now that summer is here, my job is really becoming quite busy and yesterday I was able to attend a Sales Activation Workshop for Marriott so I spent a lot of extra hours trying to catch up. Isn’t it funny how everyone wants to talk to you the day you’re out of the office?

Anyways, one of my favorite things to do in Colorado is camping & hiking. It is unlike ANY camping or hiking Michigan has to offer! To be very clear, by camping I mean car-camping, which means you drive to your campsite and have everything assessable from your car. I wouldn’t mind trying backpacking, but baby steps, am I right?

A few weekends ago my girlfriend and I decided we didn’t need no man in order for us to go camping and enjoy the great outdoors-surprise-we were so right! We originally trekked out to find some dispersed camping near Breckenridge but all our guide books lead us astray and need to be updated. Next we decided to try an actual campground, but knowing it was Memorial Day weekend we thought our options might be sleeping in my car. THANKFULLY Colorado had crappy weather the week before so a ton of people cancelled their spots and we found an amazing campground with hiking trails right next to it. It was near Vail off 1-70 (I think like exit 180 maybe?) and here are some pictures of the perfect spot.
Gore Creek Campground!

Okay now that I’ve revealed the best camping spot, here are some awesome hikes right around the corner. My favorite of the two (yes we did both and were very stinky) was the Gore Creek Trail. We wanted to go all the way to the lake, but too much snow stopped us 🙁

Now for some more good stuff-the top ten camping essentials for first time campers:

1. TENT! How can you sleep outside without one?
2. Sleeping Bags***If you are going to camp in high altitude buy GOOD WARM sleeping bags otherwise you will freeze at night. Trust me-it’s no bueno
3. Lantern or Head Lamp-There are no streetlights in the wild 🙂
4. Folding chairs unless you want to sit on the ground at night
5. Firewood-most campgrounds have some for sale, but just in case right?
6. Inflatable Mats for sleeping-
Al and I got some from REI that I love. Easy to inflate, and super lightweight
7. Hiking Boots-no one cares what your shoes look like,
as long as they are sturdy and can get a little dirty
8. Matches-DUH.
9. S’mores stuff!
10. Something to make coffee in the morning.
I can’t function without the stuff so this one is a must.

What are your camping essentials? I want to know!
Thanks for reading!

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