90’s Baby

I can’t lie, I’m pretty excited that the 90’s look is coming back. I was a 90’s baby, and I love (the majority) of the styles that are now cool again-with the jean skirt being one of them! Did anyone own one of those ruffle-y shirts from Limited Too that grew when you put it on? It’s a little embarrassing now thinking about some of the styles. Denver has had some amazing weather lately, and I couldn’t help but bring out the short skirts and spring colors for this outfit. Alex and I have been skiing a lot on our days off, which makes me push my blog to the wayside. Now I’m back with this gorgeous weather and more daylight hours-and I have some fun collabs coming up as well!

Shoes – c/o Wolverine :: Jean Skirt – H&M :: Blouse – Forever21 :: Necklace – Kendra Scott

This skirt is on sale for like $15 you guys! I wish it would have been on sale two days ago when I purchased it-love it when that happens.
Here’s to Monday. May they be short & your coffee strong my friends.
How was everyone’s weekend?

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