Today I figured I would throw it back to one of my favorite places EVER while living in Granada:


It’s a beautiful Moorish palace/fortress within walking distance from the city center. You have to make sure to get tickets in advance if you really have your heart on walking through the whole thing. The architecture is unreal, almost like lace carved out of stone. In my opinion, you get the best view from San Miguel Alto where you can sit and watch the sunset. There are even a few cafes that you can sit in and grab a drink while catching the best view (that’s where I am in the photo above). You can also go at night through the Generalife (garden) which is like a dream. When Alex came to visit I didn’t get tickets in time to tour the whole thing during the day so I got night tickets for the Generalife. It was pure magic-it was the most romantic date I had ever been on. Take a look for yourself:

I have so many good memories of going to the top of the Albayzín with my friends and soaking it all in. One of the best things Spain taught me was to slow down. I remember walking to class with a coffee to go, and if looks could kill I’d be dead 5 times over before getting to class. Needless to say that was the first and last time I took my coffee with me in Spain. Even now one of my favorite things to do is take a walk through my city and just clear my mind and give thanks for all I have. Also-my hair and skin was the best it ever was from all the olive oil & I didn’t heat style it for a whole year (I should really try that again).

Off to work I go! Alex leaves for Chicago for a few weeks for work so I’m trying to get all the time I can with him before then. We had a great visit with his parents and his best friend last week for his 30th Birthday! I hope everyone has a great Tuesday 🙂

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