Baby Blues

Welcome back to cousin style take 2!

As a blondie the (majority) of my life, there are certain colors I love to wear, and some colors I avoid at all costs. Blue is probably one of my favorites, if not the favorite color to wear because it always brings out my blue eyes. You can usually see the different color in one of my other eyes too from it-bonus! It happened to play out that Laura and I planned on a light blue outfit without even knowing the other was wearing the same color so I guess it’s just our cousin power that made these match so well 😉

What was it like to grow up with a cousin way cooler and more fashionable then you?

Awesome. I would get her hand me downs every year, then put on a fashion show for my mom. Laura was a dancer and always super creative, and I was a tomboy playing sports and racing the boys with my bike, so I’m sure my mom was happy to see some girly clothes thrown into my closet. I even cried the whole way to 5th grade class pictures until my mom brought me home to change into my Limited Too matching sweat suit. Maybe I’ll find the photo one day to share it 😉 Anyways, thanks Laura for the clothes that didn’t make me look like a dufus.

I’m wearing the Yule Time Stripe Dress by Sparrow Boutique.

Laura’s wearing – Top :: Free People f/ Lulus – Jeans :: Free People f/ Lulus (on sale!!)
Shoes :: Olive Ave – Sunnies :: Lulus

I hope everyone enjoys their Sunday!

Next weekend I’m headed to my first ever Women’s Conference at our church – Red Rocks Community Church – and I’m so excited! If you’re looking for a church in the Denver area I highly suggest mine, lol, but seriously I’m a great companion to go with. I sing loud and out of tune so you don’t have to worry about embarrassing yourself 😉

Thanks for reading another edition of cousin style.
Photography – Jenna Sparks Photography


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