Collaboration is Key

The funny thing about this topic is I have so much to say, but I can’t quite find the words to begin-so bear with me.

Last weekend I went to my first ever Women’s Conference hosted by my church-Red Rocks Community Church. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. In my experience I’ve met women who’ve done nothing but try to tear me down, and others that would do anything to help me achieve my goals. It was so refreshing to be in the midst of hundreds of women trying to be the best version of themselves. As a blogger and really anyone on social media, it’s common to compare yourself to other bloggers and if you’re not careful it can destroy you and your voice.

If you’re an avid blog reader or even a fan of following on Instagram you’ve heard of this word “collaboration” over and over again.  I’ve been lucky to work on some really awesome collabs with one of my all time favorites being the blog posts myself and my cousin, Laura, and one of our favorite boutiques Sparrow Boutique. I was in love with the sweet black sleeveless shirt with open back that they sent me. Laura’s OTS sweater is perfect for this amazing fall weather too!

If you follow me on Instagram, you know Alex and I started the whole30 again. After so many visitors we decided it would be best to re-set our bodies again, and we miss feeling awesome on it! So, expect a few healthy recipes soon. I hope everyone has a great week and weekend and stay warm Denver!


Photos via Jenna Sparks Photography

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