Easter Dress

Happy Easter everyone!

I remember Easter was the first holiday I brought Alex home to officially meet the family, feels like forever ago. I’m realizing it has also been forever since I’ve actually blogged and not just shared on instagram so my sincere apologies. I even need to share my trip to France with you all! It was amazing and I ate all the French food I could get my grubby little hands on. Life has been great lately, very busy at work which is a great thing to be and I’ve been into taking long walks outside when it’s sunny and not raining or heading to the gym when it is.

I’m back on my thrifting game

I think I’ll just only shop secondhand from now on. It’s just so much fun to hunt for great pieces (like the dress in the outfit I’m going to share) and finding it for a few dollars. Not to mention, it’s very earth friendly because I’m not buying new clothes all the time. I really want to binge through my closet and really build a staple closet and stop wasting my money on the new “trends” because let’s be real they will come and go so quickly and then you’re left with outfits you’ll never wear again. So I found this thrifted Loft dress from ArcThrift (I only go Saturday’s because it’s 50% off!) and it was actually on display for Easter/Spring theme and I figured I needed to just try it on and loved it.

Bag – Zara :: Shoes – B.a.i.t. Footwear *I can’t believe they still sell these I got them 5 years ago for my wedding!* :: Dress – thrifted Loft :: Sunnies – Forever21

I’m now making a pot roast for Alex and my’s Easter Dinner and it smells amazing. It’s actually Whole30 as well if you’re eating healthy. You can check out the recipe that I pinned on my Pinterest page right here! I really want to begin making bread again but I’m quite nervous to bake in altitude. Any suggestions or recommendations?

I hope everyone enjoy’s their Sunday with the people you love!

xoxo – Katelyn

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