Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffers

This time of year has to be the busiest time of year as well-anyone else? Christmas is my absolute favorite holiday for so many reasons! I remember waking up so early one morning when I was not even 10, sneaking downstairs to see that Santa had already stopped at our house, then carefully poked through my stocking. I put everything back exactly where it was because I didn’t want my parents to know I was snooping!! Come to find out years later my mom already knew, but just let me believe I was sneaky 😉
Opening up my stocking on Christmas every year is my FAVORITE. Last year, when we couldn’t make it back to Michigan, my mom even put them together and shipped it to us in Colorado! I decided to share some of my favorite stocking stuffers, and you can find everything at the Cherry Creek Shopping Center if you’re a super late Christmas shopper like myself! I think the important thing is to keep the items small and simple. Since Colorado is so dry I love getting really nice hand creams and lip balms to make sure my skin is well hydrated. Check out some of my favorite stocking stuffers below:

Stocking Stuffers
Kiehl’s body moisturizer / Hand Cream from Aillea / Lip Balm from Aillea / Tiffany Bow Earrings / J.Crew Socks / J.Crew S’well Water BottleTiffany Ring

Anyone else love their stocking as much as I do? Thanks so much for reading!

Let me hear what your favorite stuffers are!

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