Grand Canyon

Well hello, world! Long time no blog (months to be exact). I’m really sorry I’ve been lacking on the blogging front, by my computer is having some issues so I’m being forced to use my husband’s in the meantime. Alex and I just got home from our most epic roadtrip to date: Grand Canyon, San Diego, Tecate, Tijuana, San Diego and back to Colorado. It was so worth it to drive through America! I can’t even believe how beautiful this country is and how little of it I’ve discovered. So we took off early Tuesday morning and decided to drive straight to Arizona, spend the night, and watch the sunrise at the Grand Canyon. The temperatures may have been below zero, but it was SO WORTH IT. We decided to go to the South rim and we found a bunch of little places to pull off the road and take some beautiful photos with the most breathtaking views.

The best part was driving through the park when it was pitch black outside, not knowing where the Grand Canyon really was. We settled into a spot and watched as the sun slowly rose and revealed some of the most beautiful scenery I’ve ever seen in all my travels. I took plenty of photos so you wouldn’t miss out that are all completely unedited 😉

 So there we have it, another item checked off my incredibly long bucket list. The best part is having a partner in crime that has the same heart for adventure as you do. I brought a ton of books and things to keep me occupied during this road trip, and I didn’t even make it through one because I was too busy laughing with my best friend and drooling over the insane scenery this country has to offer. We couldn’t believe how close we were to so many natural beauties (we took I-70 back from California). I always feel so eager to go abroad and see new places, but I never realized how much there is to see in our own backyards. So here’s to 2016 where everyday is a new adventure!
What’s on your bucket list this year?

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