Ice Cream Days

Okay, I LOVE ice cream. Go ahead and add milkshakes and smoothies to that mix as well and I am one happy girl. All that being said, I’m been trying really hard to give up dairy, which means no more ice cream with dairy. (insert every sad and crying emoji face ever made) Lately I have been making “nice” ice cream to take it’s place for my bedtime snack. Yes, I’m 26 and I think bedtime snacks are very important. I cut up bruised bananas and freeze them until I’m ready to blend them with some other ingredients. I first added espresso and I was awake until 2:00am one day. I decided to take out the caffeine and add peanut butter, vanilla, almond milk and chocolate chips. Freeze and enjoy! It’s so good!

Here’s a fun little outfit that’s perfect for spring and even for work. Check it out:

Top – Shein :: Skirt – Shein

The shirt I’m wearing is actually a dress but it was too short for comfort. I decided I love the color though so it became my shirt instead. I love being an adult and I can do what I want.

Have a lovely weekend everyone! I’m off to continue my binge watching of Dexter-SO GOOD.


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