Investing in yourself

Hey guys! So today’s post is a little nerve-wrecking to share, but I know you’ll all support me. So about a month ago I finally decided after years of putting it off, to try the 21 Day Fix program ran by the beautiful Lauren. We use to work together and the JW, and she lost a ton of weight, but more importantly put her health as a top priority. I’ve tried to get my butt in shape many a times by trying class pass, whole30, you name it I’ve tried it. Alex decided to be unsupportive this time around because he figured the only way to get me to do something is to have to prove him wrong. Oh boy, did it work. I also became a pretty baller cook as well.

Check out my before and afters. I was so bloated before and pretty groggy most of the day & now I feel like an olympic athlete:
I learned to appreciate the food that I was putting in my body. Before, I felt as long as I worked out here and there a frozen pizza a day and some doughnuts were okay. Now that I’m actually eating things that fuel my body, my workouts are more consistent and I have so much more energy it’s AMAZING. I think what really made the difference was having the accountability of a group challenge. It was great to have people there sharing their own tips for success, struggles and recipes! Because I had so much success, I decided to throw a free 5 day challenge group focusing on fitness tips, and healthy eating with the help of Lauren to help you get a kickstart as well! Drop a comment below, e-mail, text me, facetime me, send an owl, and I’ll add you to the Facebook group. There’s no better day to start than today-you have to start somewhere.
I also decided to be a Coach for Beachbody!
What does that mean? Not really sure yet, but I’m in love with Shakeology and I get discounts on it this way-but I feel like coaching others to achieve their goals body, mind and spirit is the perfect fit for me. Here’s to new adventures!

Love you all!
Here’s to a happier and healthier Katelyn at 26 (did I mention my birthday is coming up??)

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