Life Lately + Green or Grey Sweater?

So Jenna and I couldn’t come to an agreement on wether this sweater is green or grey-so let me know your thoughts. This could be the controversy of 2017!

Top-Thrifted from Second Love :: Pants- Marshall’s :: Shoes- Thrifted from thredUP (Clark’s)

Things have been a bit of a blur lately. Al and I managed to get to A-Basin Thanksgiving weekend to go skiing, but we haven’t gone since. My grandpa passed away last week so I decided to take some time off and be with my family. It was really great to be able to come home and be there for everyone and be able to say goodbye to such a great Grandpa.

Alex seemed to get the flu so I lysoled the whole condo because I will not get sick! Maybe this is his sick way of getting me to clean (I’m admittedly not the cleanest). I actually got flu like symptoms on Thursday, but I drank about 2 liters of water and my mom got me some miracle airborne chewables and this stuff called Oscillococcinum (you can shop below) and I woke up feeling fine the next day. I was CERTAIN I was doomed, but was pleasantly surprised! Anyone else ever heard of it?

Okay so this sweater. I stumbled upon this thrift store near Tennyson called Second Love and I was loving everything they had. There’s a sister store next to it with gently used really nice yoga clothes too (lulu anyone?). I loved the waffle print on it and thought it would be so comfy this winter, although not sure where winter is. I think it’s grey, but everyone’s telling me its green. I guess it doesn’t really matter because I love it anyways. Thanks for reading and I hope you all have a great week!


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