Listen Up

It’s November already?!

I’m not sure where the other 10 months in 2017 went, I mean jeesh! I feel like I was just starting a new job, then it was the summertime with camping and hiking, then the leaves started falling and here we are. So much has happened in the last year and I’m very much so looking forward to 2018 (I’ve already dubbed it the year of adventures-I mean I AM thesuitcaseblonde).

Right now I’m reading the book Without Rival by Lisa Bevere and it is certainly stirring something in my soul. I heard her speak at my women’s conference at church and I immediately wanted more of what she was sharing hence I bought the book. I love how she talks about how God loves us uniquely and not equally. It makes sense, I don’t love my husband the same way I love my best friends, it’s a different kind of love but both are so unique and beautiful.

The one thing I really struggle with is how people tell you to be quiet and just listen to what God is saying and telling you. I feel like I’m always trying to listen and nothing happens. I try to not get bent out of shape about it because I know it will come with time, maybe it’s a sign I need to work on my patience and listening skills. Anyone have any suggestions?

I thrifted these amazing white corduroy gap pants the other week and I’ve been dying to share them with a fall look. I’ve linked a few similar pieces below. I’m also in love with these flats-I’ve linked the exact ones below! I had to check out the Chip and Joanna Gaines new line at Target today and it’s so cute I want one of everything. I hope everyone has a great week and as always, thanks for reading!

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