My Beginning to Blogging

What’s up guys?!

Another Sunday which means it’s time for Katelyn to post up at a coffee shop and write. I wanted to share today how I got into blogging, and how it’s really changed and evolved for me over the years. It all started my senior year in college and while I was living with my cousin, Laura, she asked if I wanted to start a blog with her and I was like SURE. I wasn’t quite sure what it meant to be a blogger, but I knew I loved sharing my styles and doing anything with Laura meant I got to hangout with her more. I thought it was time to stop watching LOST for 9 hours of my day as well. So there it was, our first blog-Relatively Offbeat.

We had so much fun working on the blog together, going to events, and just spending time together creating something we believed in. During our 3-4 years working on it together we both got married, changed careers, and moved across the country. That being said we decided to split the blog because it was going to be too hard to work on one blog together.

Out of that move, The Suitcase Blonde was born.

The original thought was that The Suitcase Blonde would be a travel blog, as I am super passionate about travel, but I soon found out that traveling requires money and time that was simply not as accessible as I thought. I’ve slowly transitioned it to more of a fashion/lifestyle blog. A space where I can share my adventures, failures, favorite outfits and healthy living. What I didn’t realize is how much WORK it takes to do this. People think I take some photos and get some free crap but it’s so much more. My fellow blogger friend, Tabitha, wrote a great article on the misconceptions of blogging. It has really evolved into something I love doing and connecting with amazing other women in my city. It’s hard to make friends in a new city and blogging has definitely made it a little easier.

It has forced me out of my comfort zone and really grow as a person and an individual.

Going to an event where you’re not sure if you’ll know anyone is really scary for an extroverted introvert. But alas, I made myself do it and I’m so happy I did. It helped me develop a routine and balance of work, social life, side hobby and staying healthy. It made me really think about who I am, and what I want my “brand” to be. I think it’s okay to always change and evolve, but I’m settling nicely into what I love. Since I love sharing my outfits, here is one of my favorites! I love the moto jacket that transitions the look more into fall. Yes I know, it’s a little warm to wear a jacket in Denver still but WHO CARES.

What kind of fall pieces are you keeping your eye on? All the NYFW posts have me green with envy, so I’ve already decided that I will be there next year. No more excuses.

Thanks for following along and have a great week!


8 thoughts on “My Beginning to Blogging”

  1. I’ll always look back and appreciate our days blogging together as Relatively Offbeat. It has given us so many great opportunities and I’m so happy to still be on this adventure with you in a different way. You’ve grown SO MUCH and it’s awesome to see how you’ve stepped out of your comfort zone to build new relationships. I’m so freaking happy for you. <3
    Love you always.

  2. Hi Katelyn! What a cute article. Loved meeting you at the Wish Boutique blogger event. It’s always fun to hear how people got started, and I agree blogging is a great way to meet new people 😉

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