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Anotha Day anotha blog post.

This last week went by so fast (anyone else?). I feel like I was just at my favorite coffee shop sippin’ on a cold brew, and here I am again drinking a pour over. I’ve been so into the nerdy & chic look lately because nerds are cool. Alex and I are officially on the last few days of Whole30 and I am pretty excited to mix up my meals again. We’ve definitely learned a lot, and ultimately I am going to take dairy out of my diet (it makes me sick), but we are really curious to see what kind of effect gluten has on us. If it really does effect us, we will cut it out. Making all these lifestyle changes sounded really scary about a month ago, but we’ve become such experts on making different meals that it’s really not that scary anymore.

What we can eat on the Whole30

People ask us what we CAN eat on the Whole30 and really we can eat a lot of stuff. The hardest thing has been trying to find stuff without sugar though. It’s in everything, EVERYTHING I TELL YA. Ketchup and BBQ are out of the question unless we make it ourselves, and even then it doesn’t really taste the same. We’ve relied heavily on good spices and quality meat and produce. At night we don’t binge out on Boom Chicka Pop popcorn, but a healthy dinner with a bowl of watermelon afterwards. We spend time making dinner together, and doing a lot of dishes. Energy levels are going up, I never feel bloated, and I’m enjoying foods I didn’t even think twice about before. The only real negative is that we both like to workout pretty hard, and it’s been difficult to recover like we are use to with protein shakes (pretty much all protein powders have sugar), so that’s one thing I’ll definitely bring back.

I’m now opting for a coffee date with myself rather than a bucket full of margaritas.

To be fair, we didn’t drink a lot before, but now I’d rather not have a hangover after 2 beers, but a good buzz from a quality cup of coffee. This also means I have more time to blog QUALITY content for you all rather then throw up some pictures of me in an outfit and calling it a day. Speaking of, here’s a great dress I picked up at another thrift store paired with the perfect bold lip (what a great transition huh?):

I was thinking of sharing more healthy recipes with you guys too. A take on recipes I find, how they come out, and how I change them up a little bit-like this Spicy Zoodle Recipe I shared last week. Well, we only have a few days left until we re-introduce ourselves to the rest of the world 😉 Until then, keep doing you!

Have a lovely week everyone.


*I can’t link the lip color I’m wearing so you can shop it on the GloMineral Website, color is Crimson*

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