One Piece

Of course, Denver was cloudy and gloomy the past two days. Alex and I had planned to hike Pike’s Peak on Saturday but when we saw thunderstorms in the forecast we couldn’t risk it. If there’s one place you don’t want to be it’s on the top of a mountain when a storm decided to stroll in. We are almost to two weeks on Whole30 (yay!!!!). It’s beginning to get a lot easier now. We prep earlier in the week a ton of proteins, and consume a lot of eggs, but besides that I’m starting to feel pretty good! Food is starting to taste phenomenal, even with nothing on it. Crazy-food actually tastes good without cheese on it.

I swear I have like 5 different swim suits I have yet to wear because the weather just isn’t sunny enough to go to a lake or pool lately. I grabbed this cute and functional one piece on Amazon and thought it would be perfect for boating.

Swim Suit – Amazon :: Sunglasses & Shorts – Forever21

Funny story about boating actually, while I was in Michigan my Dad and I decided to take the boat out one really nice day. Well after we checked out Lake Michigan we were headed back and just as we exited the channel the boat shut off. After a few failed attempts my dad grabbed the oars and told me to start paddling. As he was working on it a nice boater offered to give us a tug to shore. Thank goodness we had my cute little nephews in the boat or who knows if anyone would have stopped 😉

Well it’s time to gear up for a full work week! Have a great Sunday everyone, and thanks for reading!


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