Prepping for the Whole30

Happy Sunday Everyone!

I’ve had a great weekend so far hanging out with friends, day dreaming about our trip to France, trying out a class at Pure Barre Belmar (mention “THESUITCASEBLONDE” for a free first class), and snowshoeing this afternoon. So Alex and I are going to start the Whole30 again in February because it’s time for a re-set. My goals in the Whole30 aren’t really to lose weight but to sleep better, feel better, beat the mid afternoon headache and help clear my skin. Having acne when you’re an adult is annoying and I know it’s mostly from sugar, so the Whole30 helps a ton. Maybe I’ll do some before and after pics.

I thought it’d be useful to maybe one person to share how I prep for the Whole30! Here are a few of my tips:

Get rid of everything you can’t have

If you don’t want to throw it away at least put it in a place that you won’t see it and be tempted to eat it. That even means ketchup and bbq sauce! You can have hot sauce and Melinda’s has some great options-we LOVE the chipotle one. If it’s not in the house, then you’re not tempted to eat it. TRUST ME on this one. Give your frozen pizzas to the college kid three doors down-win win situation.

Prep your foods in advance – or at least mentally prepare for what you will have

The key to Whole30 is being prepared so you don’t fail by getting hungry and stopping by chic fil a. Once you cheat it’s all downhill-you need to stick to the program 100%! I made the mistake a few years ago to try and do it solo and thought I would get fancy with the recipes and failed in 5 days. Breakfast is usually a form of eggs, although I might try something new this time thanks to my cousin Laura (Breezy and Brazen) stay tuned. Lunch is usually a protein, a lot of veggies, and a fruit with some nuts. This time I want to eat more salads for lunch and focus on more greener options. You’re not suppose to snack, but I always have extra fruit and nuts for emergencies (I’m only human). Dinner is simple as well with a meat or fish, roasted veggies & fruit for dessert. We ate a lot of watermelon in the summer but it’s too out of season now 🙁

Learn what you can and can’t have!

At first you’ll feel like you can’t have anything anymore. Then once you get into the swing of things and figure out what you can eat it’s a lot easier. When in doubt don’t eat it.

Get use to reading labels

You need to always check your labels because they put sugar in everrrrything these days. Pasta Sauce, Meats (pretty much all bacons *insert sad face*), even some PISTACIOS Alex bought for me! I got a headache after eating them and I realized there was sugar in them. I’ll share a few staples that are Whole30 approved below.

What I want to do differently this time

Since we are in a different veggie/fruit season I’m going to have to get creative with these things. More berries and apples I suppose! I think I ate way too many potatoes last time, so I’m going to try and limit those. More green veggies, more use of spices, more salads, more fish & chicken dishes, less pork and red meat. I think some soups would be great to prep each week and would be easy to bring to work.

Follow my Pinterest for Whole30 recipes and shopping lists

Click here for the official shopping list from Whole30

Applegate has good meat options & we get most of our produce and organic meats from Costco. I’m a ride or die fan of Costco!

Here’s a breakdown of what I’ll eat the first week:

Breakfast-eggs with maybe a complaint bacon, but they’re kinda pricey. Add some spinach and peppers and you’ve got a hearty breakfast! Cook everything in olive oil or coconut oil. Coffee I usually drink black or make a fake latte (recipe here).

Lunch- big salad with spinach, apples or berries, some compliant nuts, chicken breast & olive oil or a dressing from Tessemae’s. Side of apples and almond butter.

Dinner- Salmon with roasted broccoli or spaghetti squash and homemade meatballs, and a piece of fruit for dessert. Here’s a good recipe I made up using only 3 ingredients and it’s delicious (Spicy Zoodle Pork Recipe) A little sleepy time tea before bed!

Obviously things change, so follow me on instagram stories for recaps of what I have each week. I’m sure I missed some important tips, so I’ll share more if I remember. If you guys have questions email or message me! I’m no expert but I can definitely try!

Can’t wait to feel amazing again. I’ll keep everyone updated on how it goes this time around.


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