Rocky Mountain: Epic Fall Hike

When I say I want to go for an EPIC fall hike, I’m not joking around.

Okay, I asked my friend to come on a hike with me last Sunday. I realllly enjoy a hike with awesome views, which means you typically have to drive at least 2 hours into the mountains. Well I opted for Rocky Mountain National Park for a fall hike even though the weather seemed a little risky. The last place you want to be is on top of a mountain when a storm rolls in. Nevertheless I have the best friend (thanks Maddie!) and we decided to go anyways. If you live in Colorado and enjoy hiking get the annual RMNP pass it’s so worth it! Like 3 trips and you’ve already paid for it.

A lot of people ask how I have so much time to go to the mountains.

Well, to be fair I have exactly the same hours as you have 😉

In real life, mine and Al’s family don’t live in Colorado so we have more free time since we’re not attending holiday parties, birthday parties, etc. I am a big believer that you make time for things that are important to you, and for my mental health hiking is important to me. I get up early on my days off because I know how re-charged I’ll feel at the end of the day. So here is my trail for the most epic hike I’ve been on:

Start at the Glacier Basin Trail Head in RMNP-go in the Estes Park Entrance.

Make your way towards Alberta Falls then continue on the trail upwards toward Big Sky Pond

When you hit a split in the trail go towards Lake Haiyaha

You’ll eventually begin a descent towards Dream Lake, but first check out the views of the Rockies behind you

You will also pass Nymph Lake
It was so snowy I couldn’t take a picture!

So there it is, my favorite fall hike through the Rocky Mountains.

I bet you can’t believe it, but all my photos were taken with my new iPhone and I am obsessed with them! I don’t have to carry around a huge camera with me while hiking when the photos are this nice. The major mountain resorts got a lot of snow this weekend so who knows, maybe you’ll see a ski update in the next few weeks from me.

Thanks for reading!


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