Secondhand & Staying True to Yourself

Happy Sunday!

I must apologize for the super long hiatus. The holidays came around, I had a surprise trip to Michigan planned, and before you know it, it’s a few months since my last blog post (yikes). Life has been busy and wonderful lately. I headed to Michigan to surprise my best friend at her graduation party, and also my family. Alex just went to Mexico with his parents for a few days and we’re trying to get as much skiing time in as possible along the way. It’s great to think how far I’ve come since a year ago on our first trip to Keystone-so there’s hope! Maybe I’ll willingly try some black diamonds this year-we shall see.

Where I want to go with the blog in 2018

I decided this blog was started to become something that wasn’t really me. I’m the girl that loves to find second hand clothes for cheap and dress it up in a really fun and funky way. I remember as a little girl I would pretend that someone would give me the ugliest dress and I would transform it into some kind of masterpiece. So, you won’t find Nordstrom sales or me putting a ton of content that you can shop. My goal is to rather put out some serious inspiring stuff this next year and I can’t wait to get even more creative with everything!

So this outfit was inspired by these awesome pants I found while casually strolling the aisles at an Arc Thrift. Arc Thrift is my favorite place to shop for secondhand clothes in Colorado because it’s the cheapest and the stuff you can find sometimes is LUXURY you guys. I’ll pop into a store every so often and go through the records and browse the aisles of clothes and if something stands out I’ll try it on! This blouse is easily one of my favorite blouses this year (it’s a bodysuit actually!) and the flow-ey sleeves make me feel like a flower child. And the cherry on top is this thrifted DVF clutch that my mom got me from ThredUp and it’s seriously one of my favorite pieces ever! ThredUp is a great site for secondhand stuff and they’ve already picked the best pieces for you!

I’m realizing I haven’t shown my new hairstyle on the blog yet! I decided to go back super blonde, then I wanted to chop a bunch of it off. I was ready to start 2018 on a new and clean slate and I felt like a new hairstyle would help (cheesy but whatever).

So now it’s time to finish my meal prep for the week and settle down for the night. I’m so excited to share a collaboration with Xoby Organics in the next week or so-stay tuned!

I hope everyone has a great weekend and that you’re just as excited as I am for some funky fresh outfits and more Whole30 recipes this year!


5 thoughts on “Secondhand & Staying True to Yourself”

  1. Good for you on staying true to yourself and what makes you happiest. The blogging arena can be very harsh and competitive, and it’s just not worth it taking the joy out of it. Stick to your guns. Always.


  2. Always like ready what you write. Love that you have the second hand fashion sense. It is a challenge to see what you can find and what you can put together. Even better you’re not paying full price.

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