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I’m so excited to finally share with you guys what I was working on with Glo Minerals!
This is the makeup line we used while I was working at The Oxford Club Spa & Salon, and we all loved it! When they reached out to me for a collab opportunity, I was SO excited to say the least. So my whole life I’ve had these bushy eye brows, and can I just say thank you Jesus for making that cool again so I don’t have to worry about waxing them to death. They may be bushy, but I’m always looking for something to help fill them in since they’re a little spacey. Glo Minerals came out with a new Micro Browliner which is so perfect and you don’t have to worry about sharpening it and it’s SUPER precise. 
Check out the behind the scenes photos:

It was SO helpful having an artist help me out and explain the different products she was using. All of their products are fantastic, but I especially love their Luxe Liquid Foundation & Volumizing Mascara. Ladies-if you are looking for that perfect mascara THIS IS IT. The brush is amaze-balls, and has Aloe Vera, White Tea and Vitamin E which you can smell when you apply it, so it’s actually nourishing to your lashes as well. Here’s what the final product looked like-

Shout-out to all the lovelies at Glo Minerals for making me feel fabulous and for falling more in love with your makeup line. You can check out a full fall makeup tutorial featuring me here on their website.
Have a great Saturday! I’m off to get my hair colored even more blonde 😀

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