Snoopy & Belle

I wanted to share a super fun exhibit happening at Cherry Creek Shopping Mall right now until April 11th! Growing up my Grandma was obsessed with The Peanuts, so every Christmas we would get some sort of Peanut’s card or ornament for her, so this comic holds a special place in my heart. Whenever I see them I am always reminded of her. I mean, who doesn’t love how adorable they are?

Well, if you are a fan, you should definitely check out the fun Snoopy and Belle in Fashion exhibit happening at the mall. It’s a collaboration with a ton of very well known designers that made custom pieces for Snoopy, and his very fabulous sister Belle. They have already traveled the world, been to NY Fashion week, and are pretty much living my dream life. They exhibit will end up at NYFW this September after a few more pit stops.
Check out a few of my favorites!


There’s also an APP you can download that gives you a self guided tour and some really great info. on the outfits and designers. Highly recommended! It was a perfect for those fashion lovers too.

They revealed the Stetson and Levi Snoopy and Belle, and the Levi one had to be my favorite! Does it really get more adorable than “Dogs accept people for what they are”? If only I could say the same about my cat.

There is still plenty of time to get out to Cherry Creek Mall and check out this super fun exhibit!

Thanks for reading!
xoxo – Katelyn

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