Spring is blooming with JORD

Okay, so I feel totally spoiled living in Denver and the incredible weather here! As I sit here in a coffee shop it is almost 85 degrees outside – SAY WHAT? This gorgeous weather has me so excited for springtime. I am going crazy for all things floral right now.

I was so excited when JORD Wood Watches reached out for a collab because their stuff is seriously beautiful! I’ve always loved the natural and clean look of wood, and this accessory is no exception. I’ve even made a custom wine rack for my cousin’s wedding gift! It effortlessly styles with all my spring pieces, and creates such a natural (and functional) look for someone who is always on the go. Even the box that it comes in is downright stunning. I can’t help but always put it back just because it looks amazing hanging out in the box.

I am most definitely a watch person. Working at a hotel, everyone will constantly ask you what time it is. I probably own about 10 different ones because I feel like you need different watches for different occasions! This JORD watch is a perfect coffee shop date watch for me, or with any classic look really.

The watch I’m wearing is Fieldcrest-Dark Sandalwood, and you can check it out by clicking the link! The Sandalwood is hand finished, and you can certainly tell that it took love and care to make this watch.

Here’s the exciting part-
you can enter to win a $100 gift code to use on their site! They are also giving away $25 for their site for everyone that enters-so why wouldn’t you try your luck?! Click the link below to enter into the giveaway:
Click ME to enter!

I love this time of year because it feels like a fresh start for everyone. I feel like I’m inspired over and over again, and seeing fresh blooms and beautiful weather has me feeling all sorts of happy. All the bright colors are also my favorite, it’s time to transition out of the dark shades and into some of my favorites like light pink & teal. What’s your favorite part about spring?

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    1. You’re making me blush 🙂 Thank you! I found this in the clearance rack and immediately claimed it!

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