Spring Boho

Happy First Day of Spring!

I have to admit, Spring was never really my favorite season growing up. It usually meant grey skies and lots of rain (mixed with some snow and slush) in Michigan. That being said, holy crap spring is magical in Colorado. I feel like we haven’t really had a bad winter which always makes me nervous for what will happen in the spring/summer. Alex and I hit the slopes yesterday for probably the last time this season, and we were essentially skiing through slush and ice in some spots. I really do think this weather is amazing, don’t get me wrong, but I guess I am use to winter lasting until April while living in the mitten.

This weather has me inspired with florals and mini skirts. I found this amazing Lauren Conrad blouse from Kohl’s and couldn’t resist buying it. The delicate ruffles as well have me feeling all sorts of pretty. Fun fact: I love bird print on my clothes, but I am terrified of them!

You can shop the blouse here!

You may have also noticed I switched up the blog a little! I decided to transition to WordPress, and I love it so far. I’m still learning though, and if you have any tips or tricks of the trade please let me know! You will most likely see the blog change ten different times before I actually settle on something I love, lol. It’s amazing how much blogging has changed me. When I first began with my cousin, Laura, I was SUCH an introvert and had no clue what I was doing. All I knew is that I loved fashion and this whole new world of sharing it was fun but also very nerve-wrecking.

It really takes a lot of courage to put yourself out there and connect with complete strangers at times, so everyone in the blogging world I salute you. To also be able to write something not knowing if anyone will read it, or even like it, takes some balls. Laura texted me the other day and said how proud she was that I was putting myself out there and it meant so much (love you!). The blogging world is so interesting, but I love that even the popular and small bloggers can all be friends and collaborate together. Community is what this should be all about and I really am so happy with the community Denver has given me. What do all the other bloggers of the universe think?

As always, thanks for listening!
Photography: Jenna Sparks


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  1. I AM proud of you! Every day! You’re killing it and I’m so happy you are creating such an inspiring and positive community for yourself in Colorado. You deserve it. Love you, too!


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