Summer Red-y

What else would I do on a Saturday night?
Blog and go see Beauty and the Beast! Alex got us tickets for the 9:00pm showing of it, and I laughed at how late it was and I couldn’t remember the last time I saw a movie that late! I am such an old soul it’s amazing. I absolutely love to embrace that role though-this girl needs her 8 hours of sleep! That’s a non-negotiable. I remember getting sick every month in college. Looking back it has to do with the lack of sleep I got. Get up early, work, school, study study study.

I am definitely a morning person now. Warm cup of coffee will always be the best way to begin my day. Not to mention it has the best light for photos in my opinion!

I am in love with think tank I picked up from Francescas a few weeks ago! Having blonde hair I love bright colors like red to make my outfits pop. You can find it here! I also got these cute gladiator heels there and I think they will be my summer staple.

Also another super exciting life update: I got a promotion and will be the new Dual Sales Manager for the two hotels I work for! I’ve mostly worked in Operations for hotels and spas, so I am super excited to start my new role and learn new skills! If anyone out there works in sales and has some pointers let your girl know.

Have a fabulous weekend everyone and thanks for reading!
Photography: Jenna Sparks


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