The End of the 30

Hello Hello and a very happy Sunday to everyone!

Alex and I officially made it through the 30 days of taking out pretty much everything from our diets and I have the official results for you guys. Well to start it off, I lost no weight doing this, and it was not my goal as I feel comfortable with my weight and was looking more to change my eating habits. So the biggest change was how I was feeling. No bloat, I didn’t get sick after eating foods, I had a clear mind and slept really well. I’ve noticed some changes in my hair and skin which is SO great and what I’m happiest about.

Now what it was like day 1 of eating “normal foods”

In short, it was a hot mess. I decided to try a bagel the first thing in the morning and that seemed to be just fine with my stomach. Then at work the real fun began. I had one doughnut, and stopped by Starbucks for a latte. OH MY GOSH. I was done for. After the sugar, I had the most severe headache of my whole life (if that was what migraines are like I am so sorry to every that has them) and it felt like I was hungover/hit by a bus. I can’t even fathom having a doughnut or sugary drink now. So touché Whole30, you made your point. Alex had pizza (he went all in) and same thing happened to him. So we vowed to try to eat as healthy and clean as possible. I’ve decided to try to cut out dairy all together and really limit the gluten and sugar I’m consuming. So in short yes, you’ll continue to see healthy recipes on Katelyn’s instagram & bloggity.

Where I found a lot of recipes:

The actual Whole30 book has a ton of recipes that are SO delicious I couldn’t believe it. They also have a really great Pinterest that someone checks and makes sure everything is compliant. The meatballs are probably my favorite, and I made a walnut crusted pork loin that was amazing as well. But really, when you figure out what foods you can’t have, finding the ones you can is a lot easier. Salmon with salt and pepper and broccoli in the oven until crispy (is that broiled? IDK). I use to be the pickiest eater in all the land and really sucked at cooking. I also follow a lot of healthy food bloggers (one of my favorites is PaleOMG) which gave me some inspiration to mix things up. I’ve recently been making my eggs in the cast iron skillet until crispy thanks to the IG story of Rachel’s Good Eats.

I couldn’t have done it without Al

That’s right, my husband will never let me live this down once he reads this, but I couldn’t have done it without him. He would help prep the food with me, I could share my struggles with him, and talk about food 24/7 with him. Like for real, 80% of what we talked about was food.  My husband is pretty fantastic, even when he called me out for taking 4 sausages to work one day. Love you boo.

Why you should try it

This changed everything about food for me. It’s not hard-just find an accountability partner. You will feel incredible. We actually saved money doing this because we ate breakfast, lunch, and dinner from meals we made. It gave us a lot of quality time cooking dinner together (this fills my love bucket) so there’s a cheap date night. You will appreciate how real good food tastes and will opt for the good stuff.

If you have any questions I’m an open book so let me know!


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  1. That was a cute informative story – liked the leads for recipes. Glad you made it! Alex told me that he missed ordering out and hanging out with friends at restaurants – I guess you can get used to that too.

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