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Happy Hump Day everyone!

I’ve had a very busy March-and it’s only half way through. I thought I’d share some personal thoughts today, and I get that everyone will not agree-but that’s the fun of writing your own blog (ammmmiright?!). Anyways, anyone else keep reading articles that tell you getting married young means all the fun stops, pursuing your dreams come to a halt, and you have to grow up? I realize there are also opinion columns out there that make marriage look like some fairytale. So, I thought it was time to add my two sense and personal experience to this topic. If you don’t already know, I met my husband in college, we were engaged by the time I was 21, and married by 23. To be fair, Alex is five years older than me (good for him right?!) so his maturity level is a little higher-most days.

I knew pretty early on that Alex was my person. He was kind and cute, treated me like the queen I am, but most importantly loved me for who I was in that moment. A lot of things changed when we got married, but in my opinion it was all for the better. There are so many different ways that married peeps can love each other, and for us maintaining some of our independence was key. What’s that mean exactly? Am I a horrible wife because I enjoy spending time by myself and taking trips with my girlfriends? NO. It means that we respect our time with others as much as our time together as well.

It also makes me giggle when these articles tell you “go travel before marriage”. Well world, Alex is my favorite travel partner and seeing new things with him is one of the best parts of my life. We’ve traveled to so many different places together and have no intention of stopping any time soon. Getting married younger means I get to spend that much more time laughing my butt off with Alex.

Okay Katelyn, what are you exactly trying to say here?

Marry your best friend.

I mean you are going to spend the entirety of you life with them, so make sure it’s someone you love being around. Also (ladies) YOU ACCEPT THE LOVE YOU THINK YOU DESERVE. And if you didn’t know, you deserve the world. Don’t you ever let someone make you feel small or unimportant because you are none of those things.

Side note: we don’t have a perfect marriage.
I get yelled at for being messy about once a month. I’m working on it guys.

Thanks for following along my crazy rant. Until next time <3

3 thoughts on “Young & Married”

  1. Love it! I wish I would’ve met Jordan when I was a few years younger. I totally agree that a balance of independence is important. I’m so glad you and Alex are doing well!

  2. Great post Katelyn. Thank you for sharing your personal story. I wasn’t lucky eonough to meet my husband until I was older, but I think a lot of these truths still apply.

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